Dr. Leu really listens, looks for the cause and doesn’t just treat symptoms.
 - Julie P.

By using Bio-Identical hormones, Dr. Leu really helped with my transition into menopause- I FEEL GREAT!
 - Julie J.

I have fought depression and anxiety for sometime and Dr. Leu tested my brain chemicals and gave me the supplements I needed to correct my imbalance. In no time I was lifted out of my depression and I now have hope.
 - Ann R.

My wife encouraged me to see Dr. Leu and I am now thankful. I battled gas and bloating, which I thought was natural for me. I found out I had a bad bug in my gut. Dr. Leu treated me and now I can eat without the usual discomfort I felt before.
 - Phil S.

I have had a condition with non-specific symptoms that persisted for over year: sore throat, lack of energy, etc. At times, my energy was so depleted I could not get out of bed. As a man in my late 20s, this was of a tremendous concern for me and my family. I had visited numerous doctors, but all I was able to get was 15 minutes of their time, a prescription of antibiotics, and no diagnosis, while my condition was getting worse. Then, someone referred me to Dr. Leu. From the first meeting with him, I was impressed at how thorough his approach was. We had a long medical-history discussion, after which he ordered a comprehensive list of tests. Based on the results, Dr. Leu discovered that my condition was caused by a common viral infection combined with a deficiency in certain nutrients. Dr. Leu has put me on a strict regimen of supplements, and within two weeks, I was back on my feet, completely cured. I am forever grateful!
 - D.S.

I have been treating with Dr. Leu for several years.   Over the years, Dr. Leu has discovered and treated my hormone imbalances, viruses, infections, Lyme Disease and detoxification problems.   At the age of 51, I feel healthier than I have ever felt in my life. I appreciate that Dr. Leu works to uncover and treat the root cause of symptoms, rather than simply treat symptoms.  Not only is Dr. Leu thorough, he is extremely kind and compassionate. I feel very blessed to have such a caring, gifted doctor.
 - Kenda S.